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5 Passengers
1 Luggages
5 Doors
1.5L Engine

Nissan Sunny

Month 35 AZN /Day

The Nissan Sunny is an automobile built by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1966.In North America, the later models were known as the Nissan Sentra; in Mexico, the Sunny is known as the Nissan Tsuru, which is Japanese for the bird species "crane". The latest versions of the Sunny were larger than the early models, and may be considered compact cars. Earlier versions (through at least the B11 series) were subcompactcars. All Sunnys through the 1982 model year (except as noted below) used Nissan A engine motors. It was designed to compete with the Toyota Corolla.

The "Sunny" name has been used on other Nissan models, notably various export versions of the Nissan Pulsarmodel line. The Sunny has been imported and later manufactured worldwide under numerous names, and body styles, in economical, luxury and performance packages. Some configurations appear to be unique based on bodystyle appearances, but sharing a common platform. The Sunny was sold in Japan at a dedicated dealership sales channel called Nissan Satio Store, and rebadged versions later appeared at the other Japanese networks.


2-3 55
4-7 50
8-14 45
15-22 40
23-30 35
Deposit 200
Franchise 200
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