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Terms & Policies


• Passport or ID

• Driver's license

• For foreigners - visa or immigration card, international driver's license

• Permit for temporary or permanent residence in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic for foreigners and stateless persons

Age restrictions and driver experience:

• minimum age - 24

• Minimum driving experience - 2 years

When renting a car, you must conclude a contract. The contract should include customer signature, commitment information and customer approval.

Subject of the contract:

                               1.        Lesse`s Obligations

2.        It uses the car for its intended purpose and pays to the lessor in due time for the use of the vehicle, the amount specified in this contract.

3.        When renting a car for rent, the lessor must sign the Supply Act  (to confirm that the car has been rented), which is an indispensable part of the contract.

4.        The car will be returned at the end of the agreed period based on the Transfer Delivery Act signed by both parties. The date of return of the car is the date specified in the Delivery Act . Failure to sign the act by the tenant or forfeiting in any form or in any form by the lessee's will will appear as legal results, such as failure to return the machine.

5.        Lesse when gives the car back it should be right with the Delivery act. If the damage finds out with the car the payment of that damage mechanism will be counted and will be paid by lessee right in the place

6.        During the rental of the car because of the any damage which has done by 3rd part person it`s in the responsibility of the lessee in front of the law.

7.        The car should be returned in the date when the renting ends according to Delivery act .

8.        If the car will be controlled by 3rd person lesse should be told about it to lessant and should get power of attorny.

9.        Lessor will want from lesse to provide all the in contract.

10.     The lessor can terminate the contract ahead of time if the lessee has breached the terms of the rent agreement and if the information required in the contract is incorrect and in this time lesse should be return back the car to lessor.

11.     by cash or by transfer way.

                                            12.     The rules of usage of the car

13.     Lesse should know the rules of the use of car before taking car.

14.     Lesse guaranties using the car with honor and polite. During the use of car lessee should watch the water of car, oil, brake oil,  in non usage and parking  times car should be in central locking system

15.     Fuel payments should be done by lessee`s side.

16.     Lessee is responsible of that terms:

Not picking up dangerous things and moving them

For making profit giving the way to passangers(taxi)

Teaching to 3rd part person how to drive car(even without profit)

Picking up other cars or irritability

17.     During the accident or mechaning treat

Changing the colour of the car, taking any detail, adding new detail or writing any write on the car is forbidden to lesee.

Lessee should make the all the parking payments and penalties. If lessor made these payments he should take the car from lessee immediately.

18.     Lessee is in obiligity of cars normal condition.

19.     And gives to lessor guarantee that he/she will make the car under control(making doors and windows closed, keys will be on the car or inside of it)

20.     According of the want of lessor, lessee should say where is the car.

                                                 21.     Special terms

22.     The lessee must have a valid driver's license for renting vehicles of category B, C and ID.

23.     The car vehicle may not go beyond the boundaries of the Republic of Azerbaijan without the knowledge or consent of the lessor, in which case the lessee is liable.

24.     Any violation of road safety rules by the lessee (not related to the fault of the lessor) shall be calculated by the relevant executive authority within the time period of the lease or storage of the vehicle, or  if the lessee exceeds the period of use provided by this agreement. pays to the lessor.

25.     In case of a motor vehicle accident as a result of alcohol or drug abuse by the lessee or the overriding speed limit, violating the way moving rules deliberate or gross negligence of the lessee, the insurer's insurance shall cease to be valid. The lessee should contact the nearest Traffic Police Office in case of any type of accident, obtain the accident confirmation and alcohol test certificate, as well as the travel document issued by the insurance company and Premium Rent a Car to the lessee for driving the vehicle phone numbers. Otherwise, damages will be borne by the lessee.

26.     The lessee bears full responsibility for any damage to the engine, transmission (rear axle, gearbox), accumulator and tire for the vehicle (without the fault of the lessee); in other cases damage caused to the lessee for damages, rear suspension signals, tires and scratches on the windshield (rear, rear, side) of the vehicle in the event of an accident or the fault of the lessee.

27.     When the lessee returns the vehicle to the lessor under the act of handover 2, the lessee shall be liable for the fines and other representation expenses incurred by the lessee for any radar and traffic violations due to his negligence.

28.     In the event of a complete loss of the car insured partially as a result of the insured event, the right to the remainder of the insured subject shall be transferred to the insurer against the value of the insurance value.

29.     In the case of the application of the type of "total insurance amount" in the insurance contract, such insurance can not be considered as part insurance after payment of the insurance indemnity.

30.     In the event of an accident when the vehicle is driven off-road, the insurance loses its validity and insurance is invalid and all the damage should be payed by lessee`s side.