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What is a insurance?

1. KASCO insurance

2. Compulsory insurance

Unconditional Release Amount - The amount paid by the client (tenant) for CDW, TP and TPL insurance losses during the car accident.

Let's look at a few options:

1. According to the CollisionDamage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection (TP), Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) insurance, the total loss is 2000 AZN and the unconditional release is 300 AZN. The client (lessee) is liable only for the amount of unconditional exemption of 300 AZN. The remaining portion is paid by the insurance company for 1,700 AZN.

Attention! This rule will only apply if the client is fully complied with the terms of the contract, and insurance and traffic police employees will be involved instead of the CA. Under any other conditions (theft and deliberate damage) the lessee is liable.




2. If the loss does not exceed the amount of unconditional exemption, the lessee shall be liable for such damage. The amount of unconditional release varies by vehicle class and is listed on our site in front of cars.

"Premium-R" rent a car company in Azerbaijan offers a Super Coverage SIP insurance with full and unconditional exemption. the customer does not bear the liability for the amount of unconditional exemption to the lessee (in our record it is Premium-R).

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